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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising - Paid Search Marketing

Also known as Pay-per-click advertising, Paid Search advertising or Sponsored Ad, your advertisement can be shown in 3 different ways:


  • User search for your target keyword on the Search Engine(s)

  • There is relevant content that matches your target theme within the Search Engine Content Network (this is known as Contextual Advertising)

  • Specific content sites, within the Search Engine Content network, offer your target audience and/or content environment (this is known as Placement Advertising)


Benefits of PPC Advertising

Achieve effective marketing with Strong ROI with Pay-per-click/ PPC advertising: 

  • Pay-per-Click/ PPC advertising leverages the moment and place of relevance to offer you a qualified audience reach. Your advertising is seen by user who is searching for your

  • On a Pay-per-click/ PPC advertising model, advertisers enjoy free exposure for their advertisement since they do not pay by ad impression served (no. of times their ads have shown). You only pay when a user expresses an intention/ interest in your business by clicking onto your ad.


Partner for Effective Pay-per-click/ PPC Advertising

A Google AdWords Partner, Kingbee Media has a proven track record in delivering effective and cost-efficient PPC/ Pay-per-click Advertising campaigns for businesses across various industries. We are the preferred partner for Pay-per-click/ PPC advertising owning to our:


Expertise in Search Marketing

 Our experience and expertise in Search Marketing has translated to success and ROI for our clients’ PPC Advertising campaigns. Our team of Search Marketing experts are dedicated in driving your PPC Advertising campaigns from planning and strategy to ongoing management and optimization.


Transparency & Measurability

 In your PPC Advertising Campaign Performance and Investment With Comprehensive Weekly Report on your PPC Advertising campaign, you have full insight into your campaign performance and how your advertising investment is being spent.


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